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Optimal Billboards lives at the intersection of routes 162 and 322 right next to the Poly Clean Laundromat and across from John L Smith Used Cars. We strive to showcase your business in the utmost honest and beneficial way. Companies that have chosen to advertise with Optimal Billboards have seen their company rise and stay atop of their industry for quite some time.

The billboard is at a three way stop light intersection and runs from 5am until 11:59pm per city restrictions. We are at the prime location to pull people into businesses often over looked!

  • 82%Recalled ADVERTISING on digital boards
  • 71%Feel digital billboards STAND OUT MORE than online ads
  • 65%Consider digital billboards a good way to learn about NEW BUSINESSES in the area
  • 55%Notice the MESSAGE on the screen MOST OR ALL OF THE TIME

Location information

Located at the intersection of routes 162 and 322, also known as the split of West Strasburg Road and Downingtown Pike leading in and out of the town of West Chester. There is a three way stop light intersection where many cars stop here daily and view the billboards two faces.



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30 Seconds

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3+ Hours

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